Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Faces generator for Oracle ADF (ver. 0.5)


Hello everyone. I wish to present you one small project that I worked on in spare time (which I don't have plenty). The ultimate purpose of this "generator project" is to create JDeveloper plugin that will generate complete view controller project for Oracle ADF using just model project. This generator will enable programmer to create complete view controller (or several view controllers) project(s) in any state of application model project. So for example we can in about half an hour create model from database schema and create complete view controller based on that model. Then we can show that prototype to our customer and let him to decide what are necessary changes we need to perform.

Beside prototyping this can also help us in overcome many problems that JDeveloper programming has to offer. :) I know what you may be thinking: "Yes I think this idea is similar to existing Oracle product named HeadStart". But  this generator is flexible and can be customized to organization needs and to organization usual development methods for Oracle ADF. Also I think that programmers like (go figure) to program, so they will not just be clicking but they will create business logic and unit tests on model and that is important. You can also leverage existing skills inside your organization using generator and there is practically no learning curve as opposite to HeadStart.

You can watch how generator work by watching these two videos on youtube:

Hope you like it, full source code for project that is used in demonstration can be download from here.