Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ward Cunningham and Barbara Liskov interview on QCon

Ward Cunningham - the guy that developed first wiki and is also know as a pioneer in both design patterns and Extreme Programming gave a great interview on QCon.

On 18 minute he start speaking about Agile, code review, knowledge sharing and how through Agile We (IT guys) overcome software crisis and now other departments in organization want to learn lessons from IT and Agile.

Also here you can find interview with Barbara Liskov that she gave on Qcon. She's talking about Liskov substitution principle and distributed system. 
If you don't know her, She is Turing Award winner and first person (with her students) that join abstracted data types with operations (basically she paved roads for OOP as we know it today).

You got to respect this older IT professionals. :)