Friday, October 14, 2011

Book recommendation - Clean Code


I'm reading book Clean Code - A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship. I was given advice from my college that this is very useful book. This book should teach you what actually works in practice, as opposite to what might work in theory. From it you can learn how to write cleaner code in order to call yourself a professional, because only true professional write clean unambiguous (easy to read) code. I think that every programmer should push him/her self to become better programmer. Programming is hard and writing good code is also hard, but learning writing clean code can be beneficiary in long run. As a good professional you should always think that code you write will be read by some else (or maybe you) in future. Also this code should be easy to follow by other professional programmer.

Quote from this book: "In general programmers are pretty smart people. Smart people sometimes like to show off their smarts by demonstrating their mental juggling abilities. After all, if you can reli-ably remember that r is the lower-cased version of the url with the host and scheme removed, then you must clearly be very smart.One difference between a smart programmer and a professional programmer is that the professional understand that clarity is king. Professionals use their powers for good and write code that others can understand."