Thursday, March 3, 2011

Slow JDeveloper

Speed up JDeveloper

There are times when JDeveloper slow down so much that it becomes unusable. For example you need to wait 5-30 seconds for simple text change or you wait for structure window to refresh. This can happen when you have complex .jspx pages and when all your components are binds to backing bean.

There are some serious issues with JDeveloper memory management. This can be due to Java Swing API, but this is just wild guest and I really don't know nothing about this.

Eater way, to solve this problem you have two choices:
Use external editor (This is not so good solution).
Other (much better) is to disable automatic component binding by removing binding line from your jspx page. This will rise performance to acceptable level (noting spectacular).

General tip is not to have complex Java backing bean pages and complex .jspx pages (use fragments to simplify layout).


  1. You don't need to expose components that don't have actions.

    There is a great video-tutorial here:

  2. Yes I agree with you (great video BTW!). I never use automatic binding because that create too much objects in bb and slow down compile time and also JDeveloper overall.